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HTCC Mongolia



Capital: Ulaanbaatar
Form of state: Republic
Head of state: Haltmágin Battulga
Prime Minister: Uhnágín Hürelszüh
Official language: Mongolian
Currency: Mongolian tughrik   


Mongolia is a republic located in Inner Asia, north of Russia, south of the People's Republic of China, and has no coastline. Most of its territory is grassy meadows, high mountains in the north and west, in the south with the Gobi Desert. Its total boundary is 8220 km, including 3643 km to Russia and 4677 km to China.  


The economy of Mongolia is based on agriculture and mining. The country is rich in minerals (copper, coal, molybdenum, tin, tungsten, gold). There are about 30,000 private companies in the country, most of which are located in a capital city. A significant proportion of the rural population live in shepherding and nomadic shepherding. GDP per capita in 2006 was $ 2,100, an increase of 7.5% compared to 2002. 80% of Mongolia's total oil needs are covered by Russia, which made the country very dependent.


Most of the country is a grassy meadow, also known as steppe, only desert in the southern areas. The forests associated with extreme climates were formed only around the lakes, rivers and wetlands. This is only 13.7 million hectares, only 8.8% of the country's territory.  


Depending on our time it is worth taking longer or shorter trips. For a weekend, Dzunmod, Tereldzs, next to the capital, is recommended, which is reached by 1 hour drive. It is a long weekend getaway with a quick Gobi tour with the touch of Szajnsand. Thanks to the train, it is easy to reach the road and there is enough sightseeing. Also, we can get to know a little about the special Gobi world. Central Mongolia is rich in history but is naturally an excellent area, so if we can look at its landscapes. It is relatively easily accessible from the capital and rich in countryside attractions. Such a tour is approx. We can do it in 1 week. Certain areas of the Gobi Desert are only recommended for experienced travelers, but the areas built for tourists are easy to reach. It is recommended to visit the Altaj mountain range for nature lovers. It is a good idea to go early in the spring or autumn, because in the low-lying areas in summer there are a lot of mushrooms and mosquitoes. It is worth to approach the area by plane, because the car is very tiresome. When planning a trip, always take a lot of time to do so because the rented car can easily be ruined on rural roads and you may have to stay for a day or two.  


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