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Hungarians clean up the Canary Islands

Featured News // 2019.04.15

It is a widely held belief that Hungarians can be found anywhere. Indeed, an article by cafeblog.hu reported the litter clean-up operation conducted by the local Hungarian community on the Canary Islands.

“I thought that this team task was a good idea as it unites people from all ages. During the day, 25 of us collected 52 sacks of litter. Unfortunately there is a lot of littering and young people are some of the main culprits. It is very common on the island to dump rubbish illegally at certain sites. Luckily, the local government helped us by transporting away the fruits of our labour to dispose of the litter collected in a safe and legal manner” Medea Medi, a local community leader told cafeblog.hu.

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They are also planning to organise a similar event on the 6th of May in Puerto de la Cruz, a town on the northern shore of Tenerife where a few Hungarians live.

This event could be considered part of the wider #trashtag movement. Originating in the US, it aims to encourage communities to collectively clean up their local area and share the results on social media.
According to the 2011 Spanish Census, nearly 1500 Hungarians live on the Canary Islands. If you live on the island or planning to move there, make sure you check out their Facebook group. “Our community is relatively big, and in the past we have taken part in numerous charitable missions. For example, in addition to raising funds for the treatment an ill horse last August, we have also adopted and paid for the medical care of a stray German Shepherd, which now lives happily with its new Hungarian owner” said Medea Medi. In addition to the Hungarian community on the Canary Islands, we have also written about Hungarians living in London and Phoenix (AZ) as well.


Source: www.dailynewshungary.com