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HTCC Libya


Capital: Tripoli
Prime Minister: Fájez ál Szárrádzs
Official language: Arabic
Spoken languages: Italian, English, Berber
Independence: December 24, 1951
Membership: UN, European Unio
Estimated Population: 6,253,000 (July 2014)
Area: 1 759 540 km²


Libya, officially the Libyan state of North Africa, is located on the Mediterranean Seaside, between Egypt and Tunisia. In the West is Algeria, in the south is Niger and Chad, while in the southeast it is bordered by Sudan. The country is also a member of the UN, the African Union, OPEC, the Arab League and the OAPEC.



The value of GNP is $ 40 billion. GNP / main value: $ 7,600. Sectoral distribution of GDP: agriculture 7%, industry 47%, service 47%. The balance of foreign trade shows significant activity, the value of exports is more than 1.5 times the import. Its exports consist mainly of petroleum, natural gas and products made from them (98% of total exports). In addition to the import of machinery, equipment and manufacturing products, the leading role is in food. Italy is still the country's most important foreign trade partner (over 40% of its exports and over 25% of its imports).

It is mainly exported to the following countries: Italy, Germany, Turkey, France, Spain, Belgium, Romania.
They import from these countries: Italy, Germany, France, Great Britain, Japan, South Korea
The annual catch (tuna, halibut, sardine) does not exceed 9000 tonnes. The main fishing ports are Zuva, Mizrata and Homs.


There are several periods of travel, the best is between October and November, when the sky is clear, the temperature is moderate, and green plants can be seen in some parts of the desert as a result of rain at the end of summer. The next advantageous period is between March and May, although more sandstorms are expected in April and the temperature will rise in May. The period between December and February is also popular, although air can be surprisingly cold at this time, often falling below freezing at night. The temperature is high between May and September.



In summer, temperatures around 30 ° C on the beach are expected, with high humidity, and temperatures in the desert can reach 50 ° C.



  •     Tripoli Medina
  •     Red Castle - Assai Al-Hamra
  •     Al-Majidya Mosque