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State form: absolute monarchy
Head of State: Halifa bin Záľa Ál Nahján Sejk (since 2004)
Prime Minister: Mohammed bin Rásid Ál Maktúm sejk (from 2006)
Independent from: 2nd December, 1971 (from the United Kingdom)
Area: 83 600 km²
Population: 9 446 000 people
Ethnic composition: South-East Asia 48%, Arab 40%, Persian 2%, other 10% (about one-fifth of citizens)
Language: official language: Arabic; other spoken languages: English, Persian
Religion: Muslim 76%, Christian 9%, other 15%
Capital: Abu Dhabi
Gross Domestic Product (PPP): USD 605 billion, per capita: USD 65,000
Currency: Emirates Dirham (AED) - 1 AED = 76,19 HUF

Most of the UAE is covered by a desert. The colour of the desert varies from region to region, ranging from gray to creamy to red shades. In spite of the deserted landscape, the spectacle of sand dunes offers a wonderful picture. Life-like greenery is centered in oasis. The United Arab Emirates has been developing rapidly in recent years thanks to its huge oil reserves. Today, it is one of the richest countries in the world and the symbol of luxury.The largest city in the UAE is Dubai, one of the world's most popular tourist paradises. The luxurious hotel complexes providing first class services both for business travelers and holidaymakers. Visitors also can enjoy the white sand covered beaches with the turquoise sea.



Due to the enormous reserves of oil, the country's economy has had a secure background for decades, providing citizens with a high standard of living. Approximately one third of GDP comes directly from oil production, while almost half of exports are related to black gold-related products. The country is the federation of seven emirates, of which Dubai is the second largest, and its center is the same city, which is regarded by the Abu Dhabi as the financial center of the United Arab Emirates. In addition to financial services, most of the city's revenue comes from tourism and real estate sales. Although earlier in Dubai, like the rest of the Emirates, Dubai's economy was built on oil, the oil and gas extraction here is only a small part of the budget. The sale of real estate and the construction work have a growing role to play in the economy due to the high-profile developments. The huge volume of investments and the tremendous interest in the world made Dubai a real "global city" and an international business center.


The country is located exactly on the Tropic of Cancer and desert climate dominates. From May to September, the air is extremely humid and the temperature reaches 40 ° C. Also on the east coast (Dubai area) and in the mountains, the weather is cooler and the air movement is higher. Heat in the rest of the year is less than 25 ° C, and the wind is stronger. The minimum rain is falling on those days. 



Visitors to the United Arab Emirates can get a quick overview of the country, as there is a wide variety of different kind of areas in a relatively small territory. Within the country, Dubai region has undergone enormous changes during the past few decades thanks to the oil. Huge luxurious villas, luxurious hotels, shopping malls were built in a very short time and formed Dubai to an ultramodern city.

Turist Destination:

• Burj Khalifa, the world's highest building in the world, is a symbol of the city
• Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai's popular beachside and a very popular walkway
• Palm Island, the palm-shaped artificial island of the city with many hotels and a complete entertainment complex
• Abeel Palace, the palace of the Emir
• A cultural center called SMCCU, where you can find more information about the entire Islamic world besides Dubai