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Preparing for the 8th HTCC Africa Expo

Featured News // 2019.02.05

This year, the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center (HTCC) will be the main sponsor of the upcoming HTCC Africa Expo exhibition and fair. The event will be held between 21st and 24th February in parallel with the Travel Exhibition at Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center. The highlighted country is going to be Uganda this year. In the framework of the event, we will organize a professional conference to discuss business, tourism and sport opportunities in East Africa, especially in Uganda.
In connection with this, HTCC has been invited Mary Kitutu Goretti, Uganda's Environment Minister to hold a keynote speech. In addition to the opening ceremony, HTCC will provide professional programs and official visits during her stay in Hungary.
Compared to the recent years, the HTCC provides a space for its Nigerian office to introduce the HTCC Art Café. The purpose of this idea to allow dozens of African artists to make an introduction of their art products at the HTCC booth. In addition to the presentation of the artists, Art Café provide the opportunity to purchase the bracelets which are made during the African-Hungarian Union's "knowledge of the village"  mission. Thanks to this initiative, anyone can take home a small piece of Africa.

- 8. HTCC Africa Expo location: HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center, Pavilion 101
Date: February 21-24, 2019 (every day from 10:00 to 18:00)
- The place of the conference: HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center, KERAMIA Hall
Date: February 21-24, 2019, from 15:00 to 17:00

-Tickets: from HUF 2250.- For more info please check: http://utazas.hungexpo.hu/en/ticket
Limited numbers of free tickets are available for our partners!