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Featured News // 2018.05.23

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa, with the largest economy as well. So, the country is ahead of South Africa already. The majority of incomes come from oil mining, but manufacturing gets more and more profitable. The middle-class is strengthened, because they follow European consuming-standards. The country is also a leading figure of the West African democratic transformation. Its government is devoted follower of good governance, and fights against corruption. On the international level, the government likewise expands peace and security in the region.

Therefore, Nigeria is a tempting destination for any foreign company. Opening an office in Lagos gives the ticket for the market of 100 million people, as well as the whole Western African region. At the same time, Lagos is not an easy terrain. It is one of the least safe cities in the world. The high robbery and pickpocketing rates are not the only threat, but one should be careful in the business life as well.The rate of fake school degrees is very high. However, all of the official documents can be faked by criminal gangs specialized in this area. The “Nigerian scam” expression is an internationally recognized method. It is popular among criminals, with decent English and business skills. It is possible to gain significant profit in the Nigerian market. However, it is essential to work with a partner, who is well-aware of the local conditions and able to provide advices, in order to avoid any traps. In Lagos, Komolafe Omotunde is the local partner of the HTCC, and he knows everything about Nigeria and Hungary. He lives in our country for many years, while he is working on the economic and cultural relations of these two countries. Many important initiatives are connected with his name. The Iroko Award is for those who contributed a lot to Africa, in Hungary.