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Featured News // 2017.12.07

On October 18, 2017, representatives of the Hungarian Commercial and Cultural Center (HTCC) and the International Chamber of Commerce of Florida (FICOC) gathered at Café 57 for a business dinner. During the meeting, they reviewed the successes of their cooperation so far and spoke about future common challenges.

Among other things, in the racing world championship at Sarasota-Bradenton, the finals of the runner-ups held on September 29, 2017 were successful in the Hungarian championships of Simon Béla - Juhász Adrián. With the addition of Vanda Kolláth, the Hungarian unity brought the gold medal from the tournament. Their World Championships were sponsored by HTCC, and FICOC staff locally took care of their physical and mental preparation and regeneration as successful as possible.
Dinner was a very good mood. Peter Harris, president of the FICOC, said he was honored to work with HTCC and Hungarian athletes. He interrupted his annual leave and private trip to return to Florida to personally support the Hungarian rowing kettle and to attend this special event as the HTCC partner.


He also indicated that the FICOC will continue to invest in the future with its cooperation with Hungary and the Central and Eastern European region, which is illustrated by the fact that last year it opened its own office in Budapest. He is convinced that the region has enormous potential, so he decided this autumn to organize this several-week tour.
GáspárGulyás, representing HTCC, thanked the floridian party for the uplift of Hungarian athletes, and said that with their local contribution they contributed greatly to this great victory. He expressed his hopes that in the future, more than the same successful joint projects in the future will be part of the two organizations.
In addition to the parties' agreement on the importance of sport for both young people and growing ages, it has also covered actual policy issues and specific business issues that they have now managed to personally review.