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United States of America
Form of state: federal republic
Head of state: Enrique Peña Nieto
Announcement of Independence: September 16, 1810 (from Spain)
Area: 1 972 550 km²
Population: 120 286 655
Language: Official language: Spanish; Other spoken languages: indian languages
Religion: Roman Catholic 83%, Protestant 9%, smaller religious groups: Presbyterians, Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh Adventists, Mormons, Evangelists, Methodists, Baptists.
Capital: Mexico City
Gross Domestic Product Per Capita (PPP): 16 502 USD
Currency: Mexican peso - 1 EUR = 21 MXN


Mexico is one of the "most" countries in the Spanish-speaking Latin American world. The most influential, colorful, economically most dynamic, historical, cultural approach is the most influential state of Spanish-speaking America. The tourist memorials of ancient Indian cultures and the varied holiday resorts attract 30 million tourists a year, and Mexico is one of the most popular investment destination countries. Leaders of the country are the most spectacular result of Mexico's development, saying that in 2015, the trend was reversed and more people moved back from the United States than they would like to try their luck at the rich northern neighbor.

mex5 ism.jpgECONOMY

The country's well thought-out and long-term development-based business management has made spectacular results. The idea was to invest in the future, based on significant oil prices and the geographical and cultural characteristics of the country, with a strong role for the state. Initially, they were regarded as "auxiliary worker" in the automotive industry in Mexico. This has changed radically today. International players in the automotive industry and other modern technology sectors are all present in Mexico. However, investors are not limited to manufacturers' capacities and the most advanced research and development bases. We could also say that the oil revenues were not wasted, but were deftly reinvested. In the vast country, infrastructure developments are taking place everywhere. And while there is still a tens of millions of poor people's strata, the middle class of tens of millions of souls has also strengthened. Its purchasing power is of national economic significance. It is no coincidence that the players on the global market are interested in, or as an investor, or as a provider of services and services, the opportunities offered by the Mexican economy. Mexico is open to European, so Hungarian products. In addition to our traditional capabilities, we have excellent opportunities for Hungarian companies in the fields of energy, water, food and machinery. There is a strong interest in renewable energy, 'green' developments and agricultural technologies.

mex3 ism.jpgNATURE

In terms of geographic and climatic conditions, the most varied countries include Mexico. The northern part of the country belongs to moderate climates, and to the south of the radioptera there are tropical climates. While in the north are scarce, precipitously poor desert, semi-deserted areas, south of the plateau is a balanced, extremist climate, as well as precipitation-rich rain forests and coastal tropics.

mex4 ism.jpgTURISM

Mexico's diverse climate and terrain offers an unrivaled variety of tourist experiences and tourist destinations. 30 million tourists can not be mistaken - they are looking for the country every year. Some who visit the archaeological finds of Yucatan Peninsula in Indies are looking for the treasures of all the three prehistoric cultures of Maya, Aztec and Olme. Many are attracted to the Caribbean coast or the sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean. The miracles of the coast of the Gulf of California, at a height of 2200 meters above sea level, are a major tourist destination in the north, with a 20 million Mexican city on the plateau, with only one leap on Teotihuacan with the magnificent Sun and Holdpiram. Everyone in Mexico can find a rest - from rafting to whale watching, from waterfalls to desert huts, from boulders to skyscrapers. Mexico's unrivaled diversity naturally offers unforgettable experiences to gourmet lovers as well. In addition to the classic Mexican dishes that can be traced back to the Indian tradition, the specialties of Mayan gastronomy, the northern steak zone, the seafood and the savory salsa are a special experience.